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How To Buy Forex Online In Delhi & Kolkata, India?

If you're looking to buy forex online in Delhi/Kolkata, Fireforex offers a simple and hassle-free solution to obtain the currency you need. Whether you're looking for a specific currency or just need foreign exchange in general, we have you covered! Our online platform provides quick and efficient service, with faster delivery times than other online or offline forex agents.


If you need to sell forex online, Fireforex is the perfect platform for you. Simply call our phone number (+91) 8860704632 or click the "Request a Call" button on the top right to connect with our team. We offer the best rates for currency exchange, making us the go-to forex consultant for anyone planning an abroad trip or needing foreign currency in India.


At Fireforex, we pride ourselves on building trust with our clients by providing them with exactly what they need. Our experienced and polite consultants make it easy to buy and sell Indian and foreign currencies through our platform, which offers multiple payment options. Don't hesitate - get started with Fireforex today."


Whether you are coming in or going out of DELHI-NCR and KOLKATA or you are on a Holiday or Business Trip, Fire Forex money exchange is always customer first choice to exchange a foreign currency. We buy or sell all global currencies providing best currency rates while maintaining the high value of standard.

Fire Forex, a renowned name closely associated with the travel industry, specialises in offering currency exchange in Delhi-NCR and KOLKATA.

Why Choose us for Foreign Currency Exchange

  • Get the best market rates
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  • Streamlined and instant services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Secure, Reliable and transparent

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